Fae Born (Erien Tales Volume Two)

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In a world ruled by magic, the power of swords, dragons and warriors   Riana had always known she would eventually have to marry. Perhaps   even leave her home by the sea to go with her new found husband.  
However, she never thought that her own sister would try and   dispose of her, nor that the eyes of the Prince would fall in her   direction. Kidnapped and tossed into the care of The Cluiun,   a pirate feared along the coast, Riana faces the call of the magic   in her blood. The love of a prince and the betrayal of her own sister.  
Dark magic, jealousy and love combine in the Dragon Prince to   battle the dark Lord of Vengeance himself.

  The Dragon Prince is an adventure, romance and delightful fantasy.   The Lady Orent adds humorous relief with her witty inner dialogue   with the prince and an elegant element of fantasy to this tale of   magic and romance.